Why me?

In order to strengthen and move your business forward it’s important to have good connections with your clients, prospects and employees.

But you can’t handle all of your writing tasks internally. There just isn’t enough time or resources.

This is where I can help. I can take some of those writing tasks off your work-load and give them the attention you would if you could. Here are a few reasons why I would be a good choice to help you:

I’ve been there as a teacher

I was a substitute teacher for over 3 years for all subjects and all grades K-12, along with an occasional special education class. This was followed by 2 years as a middle school math teacher. So I know what a teacher’s day is like.

Writing lesson plans, grading, using online tools, meeting standards, parent meetings. I can reach out to teachers (and parents) on a level they can appreciate. I also have some insights into school district priorities: costs, meeting standards, maintaining school culture.

I’ve been there as a recent student

In 2016 I completed my MA in education. The program was almost entirely on-line. There were a large number of written assignments, which helped hone my writing skills. There were also a number of tech based assignments, from MS software to a variety of on-line tools. I can relate to students’ high-tech learning experience.

I’ve been there as an engineer

I earned my BS in 1990 and worked in aerospace as a mechanical engineer. I had worked in the industry a few years before I earned my degree. The difference a degree makes in a career was very apparent to me. I also had training in processes and in using various software, followed by mentoring others. All this background brings depth to my writing copy for education.

I should also add that writing lesson plans as a teacher isn’t too different from writing copy. The lesson plan should be interesting, easily understood, and persuade students to take part in learning the lesson. Meeting schedules (test dates, end of school year, etc.) is another strength which teaching has further developed for me.

All of this adds up to: I can write engaging copy that connects with readers on the topic of education and get results.