"… He is very open to trying new strategies and routines. He is a dedicated professional and is organized and prepared for his lessons …"

Lisa Sullivan, Middle School Math Facilitator, Desert Sands Unified School District

"… We have 6 Inquiries to complete and I feel he is always trying to come up with ideas to interest and engage the students to participate during the lessons."

Traci Kaylor, Induction Coach, John Glenn Middle School

"… He is driven to develop his teaching skills, create meaningful lessons …"

Sheri Gundlach, Mentor, John Glenn Middle School

"… We are on the same 6th grade math team at John Glenn Middle School in the Desert Sands School District.  David has been a great contributor to our team, and has proven to be a great asset to the 6th grade math team …"

David Gurbada, Math Teacher, 6th Grade, John Glenn Middle School

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