Executive Travel Tips

Landing page for business providing travel tips. Intent is to gather emails from prospects. Vacation contest give-away used to promote (fictional client).

[Executive Travel Tips link]


Green Leaf Lawncare Inc.

Promotional email for lawn care company. Email invites customers to sign up for free end of season lawn and garden care, with the goal of having the homeowner sign a contract for the next year(fictional client).

[Green Leaf Lawncare link]

Brain Sharpeners Inc.

This is a blog discussing effects of foods on mental performance, for a web site that sells nootropics (brain supplements) (fictional client).

[Brain Sharpeners Inc.]

Copy for a consulting and training company asking for sign-ups to a free webinar. Copy could be used for a landing page or an email (fictional client).

[Frakbar link]

Rewrite and redesign the home page which is shifting from selling aroma products to books, DVDs, and videos on how to make your own aroma “products” (fictional client).

[NicksAromatherapy link]

Herobiker Protector
This article is aimed at those new to powersports. It describes some of the hazards of powersports, and the gear which can protect against those hazards. It then describes how Herobiker Protectors are a superior product (fictional client).

[Herobiker Protector link]

Mathematics and the Brain

While this sample is a non-business, academic paper, it demonstrates my ability to do research and write a paper around it, in the field of education.

[Mathematics and the Brain link]

How did the ancient Greeks design their temple pillars? (Youtube)

Also non-business, academic, but demonstrates my ability to explain a complex concept, in script form, in the field of education.

[How did the ancient Greeks design their temple pillars?]