About Me

Avid Reader

When I discovered books as a child I became and still am an avid reader. They say most writers start out as readers. My life as a reader has helped prepare me to be a writer.

My writing skills start development

I was fascinated with writing in my English and creative writing classes in high school and started developing my writing skills then. In college, I started out slow in my English 101 class. But once I got the idea, I took it and ran with it. I had an excellent instructor and built a solid foundation for expository writing in her class.

Technical writing skills widen my writing abilities

Once I earned my BS in mechanical engineering, I started working as an engineer in the aerospace/defense industry. (One of the pinnacles of my career was working on the Mars Rover). My work used quite a bit of writing in the STEM arena:

  • Technical specifications for products and processes.

  • Emails discussing complex problems and their solutions.

  • Documentation of changes to products including justification of solutions.

  • Test plans to solve problems, followed by write-ups of conclusions and data summary.

  • Drawing notes describing fabrication and product assembly.

These tasks required attention to detail and persuasion in implementing.

Becoming a teacher adds more range to my writing skills

During a low tide in available engineering work I transitioned to teaching. I entered an online masters program to earn my credential. Because it was online and because there was a large amount of material to learn and demonstrate my understanding of, I spent most of my available time reading and writing. It was during this time I developed my skills in research and writing. Then when I started teaching I started writing lesson plans and assessments.

Studying copywriting and completing programming at AWAI starts my copywriting career

In my current status as a copywriter, I use all of the writing skills I have gained over the years, along with my research abilities to provide the material for writing. From creative writing, to technical writing, to academic research writing, I have a wide range of writing abilities. I will bring these abilities to the table for any writing project you may have.