Bookkeeping is all about metrics. Your books provide metrics to your tax preparer, metrics on how your business is doing, and metrics to support business decisions.


Whether you just want to prepare your books for taxes, or you want to go deeper and see what makes your business tick so you can take it to the next level, I can help you.
If your business is humming along and going just the way you want, and you’re not interested in increasing business (at this particular moment), I can provide clean, accurate bookkeeping to get ready for taxes and give you a quick check of the numbers to make sure the business is where you think it is.


Or if you want to take a closer look at your business in order to gain actionable insight, I can help you with that. We can look at things like the ratio of revenue to expenses to justify increasing or reducing certain expenses, identify which products or services are more profitable and should receive more investment (time, effort, investment), and review the Balance Sheet, Income Statement (profit/loss), and Statement of Cash Flow to get the “big picture”.

And it may be that there other certain areas to which you want to give attention that are particular to your situation, such as benchmarking your competitor’s or your own business performance.

I am a semi-retired aerospace engineer and like to read science fiction, hence the name of my business. I was looking for something to do and starting a business as a virtual bookkeeper was the perfect fit for me. Working with numbers and organizing them is second nature to me, and the idea of helping others in an entrepreneurial setting really appeals to me. 


I was often ahead of schedule providing accurate numbers and presenting/explaining them to others as an engineer and I can do the same for your books.

So please contact me and let's talk about your books.

Bookkeeping provides the metrics that show the state of your business.


Let’s discuss your bookkeeping needs, or contact me if you just want more information:

Email: dave@marsbookkeeping.com

Phone: 760-833-2705

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